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Training and assement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Training and assement - Essay Example Steps to take 1. Establish the scenario: gather background information needed, identify the target group, and determine training needs. 2. Research and identify two units of competency from a nationally-recognised qualification that address the training needs. Determine program outcomes based on these units. 3. Collaborate with others as needed to design, develop and review the learning program. 4. Evaluate and select available learning resources for content relevance and quality. 5. Document the learning program plan. Evidence to submit Please submit the following as proof that you have completed this project: RESULTS Assessor to complete shaded areas: S NYS 1. Cover page This training program was carried out to use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs. The client organization was made up of workers of bakery shops at a cluster area in the city. Though the clients were not from one company, they were at a cluster place and so accessibility to them was not a problem. The job positions for these clients were mostly newly recruited bakers and their managers. There were however some of them who were mere apprentices at the job. The duties of the apprentices were to ensure the day to day upkeep of the companies, whiles learning to become qualified bakers. The newly recruited bakers were regular salaried workers whereas the managers supervised all activities at the various companies. Quite a lot of the clients possessed some of the required skills and knowledge. For instance there were a lot of them who could read and write, perform basic numeracy operations, have good interpersonal relations and could interpret the content of the whole course. An outstanding characteristic of the clients that may affect the learning program is the availability of time and the schedule of learning period. This is because their work is demanding and so they hardly make time for private learning. The overall aim of the training was to equip learners with manag erial skills. The decision to select this training issue was because most of the clients, after working for companies for some number of years left the companies to start their own business. Such clients need managerial skills to mange their own companies. Clients were assessed through written test, observation, answering of questionnaires and peer report. 1. Cover Paged Completed and Attached    2. Learning program plan Submit a typed workplace document (about 2 – 3 pages) that outlines the final (approved) version of the learning program. The 2 units of competence used were TAEDES402A and TAEDES401A. These learning programs were needed to equip me with the skills and knowledge to handle clients with diverse learning needs. My most immediate target learning group was a group of bakers who were to receive training in office management. Most of these clients had good knowledge of the skills and knowledge prescribed in the course content. Example interpersonal relations, goo d communication skills, ability to read and write and ability to work numeracy problems. The dimensions of the course undertaken were introduction to office management, basic management skills, human management, assert management and company growth. For

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